Lexus UX SUV Release Day

Long hidden projects in an exceedingly banal way, become obvious. After the Lexus protect three names UX200, UX250, and UX250h, it became clear that the next project is a new, seven-seat SUV model. With regards to a possible emergence of a new SUV, the Lexus model lineup was said previously. Now the rumors are confirmed. All spy images of vehicles that some called Lexus TX, has officially confirmed the name now. Perhaps more to the final of Best Hatchback 2016, the Japanese luxury brand, make a decision to expose the Lexus UX SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV), at least in idea form.

It is assumed that the new model will be elongated version of the RX SUV. This second is a smaller model. Lexus UX should be competitor models Acura MDX, Buick Partie, Audi Q7. It is a three-row SUV and room for seven passengers. The tiniest model in the range is NX model. In the same range is situated Toyota RAV4 which is NX-based. Large investments for some time and requires a segment of small models. More specifically, it is a Toyota CH-R model. This model completely justifies every effort, as a result of demand for these extremely high. In terms of SUVs, demand and selling are almost nonstop. Because of this, can not blame anyone, which seeks in its offer another like this model. There is hardly an SUV, which has not found the 'bunch' of fans and future owners.

Lexus UX SUV Style

As for the title of a new vehicle, there is an explanation for it. Simply no one is not one hundred percent sure that the UX, a particular choice. The particular reason is in proven fact that UX tags used to test vehicles equipped with ergonomics and infotainment setup. Short for User Experience, also does not mean this is not all part of the new model. Surely Lexus UX abounds latest technologies. Luxury cars from Lexus brand just have everything.

Whenever you take away a little from the NX model, and add somewhat to the Lexus RX, we can let your imagination run wild, at least the appearance of the Lexus UX SUV concerned. What is hard to speculate is choice of power units that will operate this vehicle. Due to the use of the platform on which is positioned RX model, some have suggested the likelihood of taking over the engine with this model. However, Lexus UX will be dimensionally larger. Maybe, for this reason, it will be necessary and more powerful starters.

For now, it is still an range of data unknown. Nevertheless considering that revealing of this model is likely to end in 2016, new information could soon get started to arrive.
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